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24th – 26th June


From Silence To Strength


A Free 3 Day Challenge For Autistic Adults Who Want To Learn How To Set And Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Are you sick and tired of saying ‘yes’ when you deep down you really want to say ‘no’?


You’ve recently realised that setting boundaries is crucial for your well-being. This realisation may have brought a mix of emotions, from uncertainty to empowerment. For too long, you’ve prioritised the comfort of others over your own needs. Now you might be asking, “How do I do this? Where do I start?”

Join us for the ‘From Silence to Strength Challenge’ – a three-day event designed to guide

you through these important questions.

This journey will help you overcome your fear of conflict and support you in setting healthy boundaries you’ve avoided all your life In this challenge, we’ll explore what it truly means to set and maintain healthy boundaries, uncovering insights and celebrating each discovery. Your daily workbooks will be your trusted guide, helping you understand and navigate your experiences. 

It can feel overwhelming, like breaking free from the chains that once held you back, but you won’t be alone. I’ll be right there with you, sharing my knowledge and experience to help you find a clear path forward. We’ll delve into different aspects of boundary-setting, recognising your unique strengths and experiences. Imagine it as discovering a new world bit by bit, where every detail helps you understand it better.

Setting boundaries might feel daunting at first. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. As someone who’s been there, I’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll explore what setting boundaries means in practical terms, using resources like our Affirmation Cards, Fear Journal, and Self-Worth Protection Sheet to face challenges and find clarity. Together, we’ll discover the unique strengths that come from asserting your boundaries.

Join us for a transformative experience and gain access to an exclusive community for support and growth

Day 1

Discovering Your


First, we address the initial steps towards breaking free from inadequate boundaries. Participants often feel like caged birds being released into the wild, experiencing excitement and uncertainty. This day is about recognising the importance of boundaries and understanding what they look like for you. We’ll identify personal boundaries, evaluate current behaviours, and uncover people-pleasing tendencies. we’ll explore how poor boundaries impact your mental health and relationships, laying the groundwork for healthier interactions.

Day 2

Building Your


Next, we focus on building confidence as you spread your wings and embrace newfound freedom. Participants often feel like birds learning to fly, discovering their strength. This day is about developing healthy boundaries and boosting self-esteem. You’ll practice saying “no” without guilt and learn techniques to overcome the fear of rejection. Through mindfulness and self-care, you’ll reinforce your emotional well-being, preparing to face the world with confidence.

Day 3

Empowering Your


Finally, we focus on empowering your voice, like a bird soaring high above, free and confident. This day is about embracing and confidently asserting your boundaries. You’ll learn effective confrontation and conflict resolution skills, creating a personalised action plan to implement these new skills. We’ll navigate difficult conversations and apply what you’ve learned through real-life scenarios and feedback. Together, we’ll build a supportive community to continue your journey with confidence and clarity.

Meet your Coach – Nicky Collins

Hi, I’m Nicky Collins. Everything changed when I found out I am autistic at 34. It was tough to start with, but I got to a place where I really understood and accepted myself. Now, I’m using what I’ve learned to help other late-diagnosed and late-identified autistic adults as The Autism Coach. I’ve been in your shoes, so everything I share and teach is stuff I’ve tried and tested myself.

I used to work in corporate banking, but now I’ve switched gears to something that really hits home for me. I’ve helped hundreds of people figure out this whole autism thing, each in their own unique way.

When I’m not coaching, you’ll usually catch me in the water, open water swimming all year round – that’s my kind of fun and how I switch off. It’s just me, the water, and the sky – perfect for clearing my head. If I’m not in the water, you’ll find me walking with my partner and whippet.

Discovering my autism later in life was like breaking free from a cage and learning to fly. It was thrilling, a bit bewildering, but ultimately liberating.

Each step was a new discovery, every boundary set a deeper understanding of myself. Now, in the ‘From Silence to Strength Challenge,’ I’m your guide on this journey. No cages, no limits – just a sense of freedom and a willingness to explore the skies of self-discovery.

So, if you’re ready for a journey filled with humour, heart, and perhaps a dive into new experiences, I’m your guide. Let’s transform your journey of self-discovery into your unique flight to freedom!

Transform Your Perspective in Just 3 Days, Plus Enjoy a Week of Exclusive Group Access

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From Silence to Strength 

Join our ‘From Silence to Strength Challenge’ for three transformative days of training designed to help you set and maintain healthy boundaries. If you’ve struggled with setting boundaries and often feel overwhelmed, this challenge is for you. We’ll guide you from uncertainty to confidence, providing clear steps and support along the way. It’s a great opportunity to gain clarity and embrace the freedom that comes with strong boundaries.



Boundaries Workbook

Gain personalised strategies, self-reflection exercises, and actionable insights.


Interactive Workshops:

 Experience live engagement, real-time answers, and community support.


20 Boundaries To Live By

Discover the top 20 boundaries every autistic adult needs in their life. 


Sign up for the workshop and receive exclusive bonuses:

A set of affirmation cards to help reinforce understanding and importance of boundaries

A fear journal to take the fear out of identifying, setting and reinforcing your boundaries.

Worksheets to help build your self-worth and navigate conflict resolution like a pro.



Affirmation Cards

See how changing your words can support you in the long run.


Fear Journal

This is your personal toolbox for facing fears head on and embracing your inner courage, step by step. 



2 sets of worksheets, one to look at your conflict resolution skills to boost them and whilst we’re here we’ll work on building your self-confidence too. 


Join the Facebook community for a valuable experience beyond the masterclass! Benefit from accountability support, access all course materials, and get your hands on downloadable resources. Immerse yourself in this engaging space, available for one week post-event for ongoing learning and interaction



Live Interactive Learning

Engage in live calls and interactive Q&A sessions


Personalised Support

Receive personalised guidance and answers to your questions


Extended Community Engagement

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From Silence To Strength

Free 3 Day Challenge

24th – 26th June


Frequently asked questions

Q: What can I expect to learn in the “From Silence to Strength Challenge

A: You’ll gain insights into setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, boosting your confidence, and empowering your voice. The challenge is designed to help you navigate these areas with clarity and support.

Q: Is this challenge suitable for those who struggle with setting boundaries?

A: Absolutely. If you’ve found it difficult to set boundaries and often feel overwhelmed, this challenge is perfect for you. It provides a supportive environment to learn and practice new skills.

Q: Will there be opportunities to interact with others in the challenge?

A: Yes, there will be chances to share experiences and insights with others, within our dedicated facebook group, giving you a sense of community and belonging 

Q: How is this challenge different from other personal development resources?

A: Unlike generic resources, this challenge is led by an experienced coach who has personally navigated the journey of setting boundaries. It’s tailored for those who have struggled with boundaries and blends real-life experiences with practical strategies.

Q: What if I’m not confident about setting boundaries yet?

A: That’s completely okay. This challenge is designed as a space for exploration and growth. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to strengthen your skills, you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies.

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge about autism to join?

A: Not at all. The challenge is designed to be accessible, practical and insightful, whether you’re new to autism or have some knowledge already. It’s about exploring your identity at your own pace.

Q: How long is the workshop, and what’s the format?

A: The challenge spans three days and includes a mix of presentations, interactive sessions, and Q&A. Each day focuses on a specific aspect of boundary-setting, confidence-building, and empowerment.

Q: Can I access the challenge materials after it’s over?

A: Yes, the challenge sessions will be recorded and made available to participants post-event, so you can revisit the insights and strategies at your own pace. 


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