Attention Newly Diagnosed Autistic Adults

Discover a Clear Path to Embracing Your Autistic Identity

Tired of outdated advice and no support after a new autism diagnosis?

Introducing The Autistic Identity Masterclass, a gentle yet powerful two-hour masterclass (plus bonuses) designed to guide you through the new revelations about yourself, helping you navigate this unexpected terrain in a comforting and supportive way.

Watch The Autistic Identity Masterclass Today and finally gain the support and practical guidance you need to uncover your strengths and navigate your autistic journey with confidence.

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Unlock the Masterclass bundle today and gain immediate access to three hours of transformative video content, designed to illuminate your autistic identity. You’ll also receive 47 pages of insightful resources, including the Autism Insight Workbook, two comprehensive worksheets, and a 4-page quick reference guide

Easy To Use

Our masterclass bundle is easy to use, even for newly identifying autistic adults . With straightforward instructions and engaging content, you’ll find it easy to navigate through the videos and workbooks, gaining valuable insights and practical strategies at your own pace.


Uniquely Crafted

Our masterclass bundle is uniquely crafted by an autistic coach, offering a compassionate, real-life perspective. With exclusive tools like the Autism Insight Workbook and the ’50 Things Autism Taught Me’ list, it provides practical strategies and empathetic guidance specifically for newly discovered autistic adults.

Discover Your Autistic Identity

With the Discover Your Autistic Identity masterclass bundle, you’ll gain the tools and insights to understand your autistic identity clearly and confidently. This bundle provides practical strategies and autistic-led guidance, helping you easily navigate your new reality. Move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling supported and empowered. Learn to recognise your unique strengths and tackle everyday challenges with confidence. It’s a simple, effective way to embrace your true self and find a clear path forward.

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A two-hour journey designed to help you to understand autism better. If you’ve been diagnosed later in life, this workshop is for you. We’ll help you move from feeling unsure to feeling strong and self-assured. It’s your chance to get clear guidance and support, to figure out your next steps, and to really embrace being autistic.

Autism Insight Workbook

Gain personalized strategies, self-reflection exercises, and actionable insights.

50 Things Autism Taught Me List

Discover everyday experiences and practical tips for autistic adults.

Growth Journey Map

Visualise your progress with a map to track where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed.

Self-Contract Worksheet

Create a personal agreement to stay accountable and maintain momentum on your journey.

Bonus Q&A

Access to a 1 hour Q&A replay where I answer questions submitted from the live round.

Hi, I’m Nicky Collins. Everything changed when I found out I am autistic at 34. It was tough to start with, but I got to a place where I really understood and accepted myself. Now, I’m using what I’ve learned to help other late-diagnosed and late-identified autistic adults as The Autism Coach. I’ve been in your shoes, so everything I share and teach is stuff I’ve tried and tested myself. I used to work in corporate banking, but now I’ve switched gears to something that really hits home for me. I’ve helped hundreds of people figure out this whole autism thing, each in their own unique way.

When I’m not coaching, you’ll usually catch me in the water, open water swimming, all year round – that’s my kind of fun and how I switch off. It’s just me, the water, and the sky – perfect for clearing my head, if I’m not in the water you’ll find me walking with my partner and whippet.

Discovering my autism later in life was like navigating through a dense jungle without a map – thrilling, a bit bewildering, but an adventure nonetheless. Each step was a new discovery, every leaf turned a deeper understanding of myself. Now, in ‘The Autistic Identification Workshop,’ I’m your guide through this jungle. No machetes needed – just a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore the wilds of self-discovery

Let’s transform your journey of autistic discovery into your unique path through the wilderness!!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What can I expect to learn in the “Autistic Identification Masterclass”?

A: You’ll gain insights into understanding your autistic identity and learn strategies for navigating daily challenges, The masterclass is designed to fast-track your journey of understanding, self-acceptance and empowerment

Q: Is this masterclass suitable for those newly diagnosed or self-diagnosed autistic people?

A:  Absolutely. If you’ve recently been diagnosed or even suspect you might be autistic, this masterclass is a perfect starting point to understand your autistic identity

Q: How is this masterclass different from other autism resources?

A: Unlike generic resources, this masterclass is led by an autistic coach who’s navigated the journey personally. It’s tailored for late-diagnosed adults and blends real-life experiences with practical strategies

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge about autism to join?

A: Not at all. The masterclass is designed to be accessible, practical and insightful, whether you’re new to autism or have some knowledge already. It’s about exploring your identity at your own pace.

Q: Will there be opportunities to interact with others in the masterclass?

A: No, this is a recording from a live event, you can gain ongoing support in the membership

Q: What if I’m not sure about my autism diagnosis yet?

A: That’s completely okay. This masterclass is designed as a space for exploration and self-reflection. Whether you’re diagnosed, self-identified, or simply curious, you’ll gain insights into understanding different aspects of yourself and how they may relate to being autistic

Q: How long is the masterclass , and what’s the format?

A: The masterclass is in video format and is 2 hours long, there’s an extra hour of video , worksheets and a comprehensive workbook to help you

Q: How do I  access the masterclass materials?

A: Depending on which option you’ve selected depends on how you access your materials. If you’ve joined the membership you’ll find the resource in the membership portal, you’ll find out how to access this via your welcome email. If you’re purchasing the masterclass bundle as it is you’ll get all the information, links and downloads in an email.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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